Daily Specials

     Daily News:     Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. But by changing certain habits, you can improve the health of your mouth and teeth and lessen your risk.  To maintain your oral health — and overall good health —  you should see your dentist regularly to head off any problems early. You should also practice good oral hygiene at home by carefully brushing and flossing your teeth regularly in order to prevent plaque from accumulating and causing problems. There is nothing a dentist can do that a patient can’t undo by neglecting their dental care.  

New patient special includes exam and x-rays for Regular price at $79.99  Special Price at $29.99  

  Children’s Special includes Exam and x-rays Regular price for  $55.00 Special Price for $25

 Teeth Whitening Special, Regular price $199.00 Special price for $139

  Custom whitening trays (includes 2 whitening syringes) Regular price$185 Special price for $135 

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